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Creating a Benchmark

for the World to Follow

A Culture that is leading to Anarchy

The Developed World sets the economic trends for the Third World and Emerging Economies. Therefor it is imperative that the Developed World, or the First World, projects an economic, political, and social culture that does not lead to more social distress and human misery.

At this point in time the Developed World is driven by greed and self-centredness and this is the culture that it projects. It is a culture which renders all economic theory subordinate to itself, and unless we transform this culture, all other economic theory is redundant.

As human misery increases, so too does crime, leading to fanaticism, radicalisation, and on to civil disobedience, until eventually there is anarchy and revolution.

This is evident all over the world.

Australia: Benchmark to the World

In order to transform the failed culture, the people of the Developed World need an example or a benchmark economy which proves the alternative actually works. Australia is the logical country where this benchmark will be achieved. Australia is a very prominent nation on the world stage.

  • It is the 13th economy by GDP,
  • it has 4 of the top 25 safest banks,
  • it is one of only eight AAA rated economies,
  • it has vast mineral resources,
  • is a world leader in many sports,
  • and is one of the largest countries on Earth.

But it has a population of just 24,000,000. It is much easier to reach a tipping point with 24,000,000 people than say the US with 360,000,000. If there was a success story in a small Third World country, nobody would pay too much attention. But if this occurred in a prominent developed nation, the rest of the world would sit up and take note.

In 2013 the founders of ASP Movement set out to reach this tipping point. This would require a change of culture and a change in public policy. Importantly we must address the culture before public policy will have any effect. Public policy and legislation always follow culture change, they do not create culture change.

Trade the ASP Way: It Works

Using various Christian marketplace ministries and various secular platforms we unequivocally proved that if we ensure that all parties prosper in every transaction we ever do, then we will create people of means who can trade with us, and each other, again, and again. If everyone does this, the whole community prospers and we steadily eliminate systemic poverty and social distress. It is the Biblical principle of “gleaning” applied to the modern marketplace. Once business people realised this worked, they began to trade the ASP way and now the momentum for change in Australia is massive.

The objective for ASP Movement is to establish a benchmark economy for other nations to follow.

The ASP Movement has merged with its parent organisation Kingdom Investors (KI) until 2021.  This is because KI is far more advanced along the journey to create a Just Nation than ASP Movement is, and KI has taken ASP Movement “under its wing” to mentor and prepare it for its launch into the secular arena during 2021.  Please join KI to engage in the same process as ASPM, but from a mature Christian perspective.