Prospering by Trading the ASP Way

In 2005, David Leslie and his business partner envisaged a new style of Childcare for the market. A centre, not only focused on children, but additional services for families as well. The center was built and launched in 2007 and performed well. Two additional centers were added, which complimented a retail, commercial and residential […]


From Motorbikes to $700m Trading the ASP Way

In the mid-1980s I owned a motorcycle distributorship and retail outlet in Victoria Park, Western Australia. It was called Herb Watson Motorcycles. We handled Italian motorbikes such as Ducati, Laverda, Moto Guzzi, and Cagiva. There was only one other Italian bike dealer in the greater Perth district that could be considered “competition” or “opposition” […]


Impacting Community the ASP Way

Twelve people were lucky to survive an inferno that engulfed a church building in Central Coast NSW, North of Sydney on October 11th 2010.
The volunteers had been setting up audio-visual equipment ahead of a Sunday children’s service at the Coastlife Church at Erina, on the Central Coast, when they noticed smoke at about 4.30pm […]


A Transformed Workplace

A smouldering fire in a timber pump-house deep underground led to one of the greatest mine disasters in Australian history. It also led to one of the greatest rescues—a triumph of human determination and cooperation.

Just over a century ago, on 12 October 1912, the day’s shift of copper miners headed deep into the bowels […]