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Every Citizen to Prosper


Through the collective voice and influence of hundreds of thousands of like-minded business operators and marketplace participants, we are committed to transforming Australia to become a ‘Just Nation’ by establishing ‘The Preferred Economy’ – an alternative economic and social culture that enables and empowers every citizen to prosper.


As founders of the Just Nation, we have identified and will rectify the root causes of the issues of poverty, homelessness, unemployment, sexual abuse, substance abuse, trafficking, domestic violence, recidivism, unsustainable debt, unfunded liabilities, racism, and many other social and economic distresses. It is the unsustainable culture of maximising self-interest at the expense of others that prevails in Australia. A culture of greed, fear, and corruption that must be transformed into a culture of caring, sharing, and universal prosperity.


Under the Preferred Economy we will strongly promote a significant increase in sustainable enterprise, build innovative, smart infrastructure, encourage population growth, work towards phasing out regressive taxation, remove obstructionist red tape, and challenge self-serving bureaucracy. By changing their culture of greed and self-centredness, larger corporations, affluent families, and higher achievers will devote attention to the lower socioeconomic groups through philanthropy, social impact programs, fostering innovation, celebrating entrepreneurism, micro-financing, and nurturing the welfare of employees and their families. By doing this, they themselves will prosper as never before!”


The Preferred Economy will expose unethical practices in all sectors, and provide safe, healthy, and caring work environments. It will have a strong focus on sustainable environmental practices and will reward environmental innovation. ASP will support and encourage those politicians and civil leaders who genuinely work for the common good and who hold the values and long-term interests of a Just Nation as a priority over the self-serving interests of their political parties.


The Preferred Economy will come to fruition when the culture of caring, sharing, and universal prosperity is wholeheartedly embraced and practised by all, for the long-term benefit of all present and future Australians. Only then will Australia become a Just Nation and will present as a benchmark for other nations to follow.


 Dave grew up in Africa during the turbulent ’60s and ’70s. He was conscripted into the Rhodesian Army at age 17 and joined the SAS. He fought behind enemy lines against two armies across three countries for four years.

Following his time in the SAS, Dave joined the highly secretive Selous Scouts and fought undercover with that unit and served as a Tracking Instructor for a further four years. He then left the Special Forces and fought as a mercenary for two years.

Forced to leave Zimbabwe and stateless, Dave became a commercial saturation diver in the oil fields of South East Asia and Japan. Eventually he immigrated to Perth, Australia, where he built a multi-million-dollar motorcycle distributorship. Dave became a Christian in amazing circumstances at a Reinhard Bonnke Crusade in Perth.

Dave is the founder and Managing Director of Paladin Corporation, a group of over 30 companies and trusts headquartered in Australia, with subsidiaries in Mauritius, Hong Kong, Singapore and Belize. Valued in excess of $855 million, Paladin has interests in the Energy, Water Infrastructure, IT, Merchant Banking, and Health and Fitness sectors.

In 2007 Dave and Ps Dan O’Farrell founded Kingdom Investors (KI), a marketplace ministry which is domiciled at CityEdge Church on the Sunshine Coast and has spread across Australia and Overseas. KI is heading up a strategic vision to create the world’s first “Sheep Nation, or “Just Nation”, by teaching business people how to multiply their businesses with a view to funding initiatives that will ensure that all people prosper.

David is in constant demand as a speaker around the world. He addresses secular and faith based audiences, at business conferences, economic summits, on the media, and at various universities and training institutions.

David Leslie is the Managing Director and owner of Crestcorp International. David has a diverse background with experience in Information Technology, Merchant Banking, Executive Consulting, Education Services, Childcare, Property and Philanthropy.

In 2005, in partnership, David formed a group of companies consisting of childcares, shopping centres, residential property and development sites. This business was built over 3 years to $21 million, until their corporation was unconscionably targeted by a financier in 2009. This was a difficult period for David and his family and resulted in a re-focus of his energies.

In 2011, David re-launched a new initiative to acquire and invest in companies that could help fund social and cultural change. Crestcorp International now has ownership and interests in a multi-million dollar portfolio of property development, mining, new technologies, consulting, merchant banking and childcare. The main objective of the company is to support initiatives that help resolve the core issues of social distress now prevalent in society.

David is also an accomplished speaker. He speaks regularly at business conferences, community groups, churches and other organisations nationally and internationally.

Wez Hone is one of Australia’s leading ‘faith in business’ thinkers…

From the age of 18 Wez has built and sold 9 companies spanning retail, business services, software development, trades and licensing.

This diverse background helped Wez from a young age understand the many facets of business and the importance of having clearly defined goals and strategies for each area of the business. Wez has over 157 documented and proven strategies for business growth.

Wez’s passion is to see the business world turned right side up with Christ like ethics at its core. Wez teaches both the practical and spiritual aspects of business and how to integrate the two creating a platform for mighty exploits.

Wez spends his time these days travelling the country teaching how to win in business to churches, business groups and large organisations.

Wez’s practical, no holds barred approach means his clients receive the most relevant business information in a way they can use to grow their business immediately.

Wez has worked with over 240 companies and conducted over 11,000 face to face coaching session, so he knows what works in the ‘real world’ and what’s just fluff.

Joyce Khoo grew up in Singapore and was groomed in leadership through competitive sports. She arrived into Australia in 1989 to pursue tertiary studies. In 1994 she completed double degrees in Economics (Accounting) and Laws and then in 1998 completed a Diploma in Ministry.

In 2000 Joyce founded JK Lawyers which now operates out of Notting Hill, Victoria Australia. As the Principal Lawyer with over 20 years of practical legal experience she has assisted clients from various parts of the world for Australian immigration, represented clients in the different Courts (Family, Supreme, County, Federal Magistrates, Magistrates) and Tribunals (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Administrative Appeals Tribunal) and works on other types of legal matters involving business, commercial, estate planning, family matters, legal structuring, police charges, property.

Her firm has grown from being a sole practitioner to a legal team of 8 lawyers and 6 support staff. She firmly believes in practising standards of godly righteousness in and through her legal practice, and seizes all opportunity to sow acts of kindness and words of life into every situation and every person wherever practicable. She thrives at working to achieve the possible in impossible circumstances, and championing the causes of the Davids against the Goliaths in this world.

Simultaneously with her legal practice, Joyce participated as a candidate for a couple of minor parties in their state and federal elections campaigns. She has served as a Director on the board of a few Christian organisations (Southern Cross Kids Camps, iHeart Melbourne Church). She directs youth camps, and speaks at community groups, camps and churches (youth, women’s, cultural) both locally and overseas.

Her passion lies in teaching Kingdom principles for intentional and purposeful lifestyle.

She is married to Kenny and has 2 sons Daniel 17 and Joshua 12.

John Dingemanse is a Kingdom entrepreneur who has founded, built up and operated numerous businesses in a range of industry sectors including Property, Professional Services, Construction and Engineering, Telecommunications, Water Management and Resources.

As a project manager/architectural designer by training, he has designed and delivered many notable development projects throughout Australia, each of which demonstrate striking aesthetic, ecologically sustainable design (ESD) and provision of significant social benefit.

John founded his first business at the age of 25, establishing a building business that within 10 years was the largest construction company in Tasmania with a 2016 equivalent turnover exceeding $150m which still operates successfully today. Since 2000 he has continued to establish new enterprises, build them up to strong profitability and then on-sell. One of those companies; Tastel, was purchased by Bendigo Bank and another; ElectroPulse was sold to it’s management team.

John is highly regarded for his creative strength, passion for innovation and focus on true sustainability. As both a business and social entrepreneur he has received national acclaim for his achievements; while his company’s projects have received numerous awards for innovation and sustainability.

John is the Founder and CEO of CBM Sustainability Group, a group of companies involved in project initiation, development and delivery in a number of industry sectors including property, mining, agri-business and renewable energy.

CBM Sustainability employs professionals in Architecture, Engineering, Project Management, Environmental Management and Commercial Services, who embrace the company’s ethos of corporate social and environmental responsibility.

John’s vision is to see leaders in business, community and government work together strategically, through enterprise development, towards social improvement in Australia as well as in developing nations.

Through his unique expertise and his corporate profile, John has been successful in leading and influencing positive change in business and commerce as well as the Australian church community, thereby seeing many people benefit as a result of well-considered sustainable development.

John is a strong advocate of environmental and social enhancement becoming the norm in business and through CBM Sustainability Group, he applies the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development to demonstrate how projects can be undertaken without harm to the environment and bringing benefits to the whole community.

John has been married to Aileen for some 35 years and they have 5 children and 3 grandchildren.

Two of their sons, Liam and Sam Dingemanse are part of the CBM Sustainability Team and serve as Executive Directors of the family companies.

In addition to his roles in various companies, John serves on the Board of a number of community organisations including Impact Group (based in NSW), iSEE Church (based in QLD) and Freelife Church and Youth Futures (based in Tas).

John’s business history is an uncomplicated tale of endeavour complementing ability to bring success. He began his business career as a junior employee of Blackburn & Lockwood Real Estate in 1974. The company had a policy of rewarding effort with promotion, and John’s efforts saw him quickly become a salesman, manager, director and eventually Managing Director.

In 1986 John took the decision to re-establish the Company as a franchise network. Starting with twelve franchises in the first year, John grew the network to 42 franchises by 1992. Keen to pursue his love of seeing people reach their full potential, John then sold his interests in Blackburn & Lockwood, resigned as M.D. and established his training organisation, “Coaching For Results Ltd”.

John had for many years been sharing generalised business principles with business and team leaders – natures principles that really work, not only delivering huge material results but, more importantly, bringing lasting change in peoples lives. Through his search for the key to life change, John became a Christian in 1997, only to find that those same principles he had been teaching were there in the Bible all along!

In the ensuing years John has coached and spoken to leaders in many industries, including Property, Finance, Retail, Insurance, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, IT, Transport and Direct Sales and many more. He now runs “Kingdom Builders”, which focuses on sharing Natures and Kingdom principles in all areas of our lives including business, relationships, finance and Romance!!!

Alan started his career in the Television Industry as a location Unit Manager for Crawford productions and worked on The Sullivan’s, Carson’s Law, Cop Shop, and All the Rivers Run TV Mini Series. His passion for the visual medium led him to move to photojournalism, working for Syme Newspapers and then his own photographic business.

In the early 80’s Alan encountered God and decided to use his media skills by working for a church based media ministry and began filming/interviewing many well known Christian ministers that included Reinhard Bonnke, Derek Prince, Desmond Tutu, including a US Presidential nominees, a former African Presidents, and later produced a five part documentary TV series about the Sydney Olympic Games that was broadcast in all 7 continents during the 16 days of the games.

In the early 90’s he founded a computer training business that provided self-paced training programs to many large corporate and federal/state government departments. After 8 years of the successful computer training business, he established a distribution partnership with a US based security software company in Silicon Valley and became their national distributor. Selling out 7 years later to CheckPoint an Israeli software security multinational, he then explored angel investing opportunities.

He has served the International Christian Chamber of Commerce for twenty-five years and has traveled to 25 countries while encouraging Israeli technology transfer to Australia by leading business trade missions to Israel in partnership with Israeli Export Institute and remains a national ICCC director.

With a passion for encouraging tomorrow’s entrepreneurs he works closely with LaunchPad a local incubator co-working facility in Melbourne, has close ties with the Australian Israeli Chamber of Commerce, is a board director for Kingdom Builders, and Pacific Recovery a US based gold mine. He is married to Karen and they have two fine boys. With a keen knowledge of history, he’s also writing a book on Australia’s second Prime Minister Alfred Deakin www.alfreddeakin.com.

Bobby is a business improvement expert, having spent the last 12 years working across multiple industries, nations and cultures tackling significant business problems and leading sustainable change delivering many millions of dollars of benefit.

Bobby is the Founder and Managing Director of Momentum Improvement Partners Pty Ltd a business improvement consulting, coaching and training organisation servicing small, medium and large organisations throughout WA.

He holds a BSc in Business Computing, a Master Black Belt certificate in Lean Six Sigma (Business Improvement), and a Master of Arts in Applied Coaching.

Bobby has been married to the beautiful Nadia for 17 years, they have two teenage sons and a baby daughter.  Born in the north east of Scotland he has been a resident in, and now citizen of, Australia since 2004.

In addition to serving in his local church in the north east of Perth, he has been involved in the support and establishment of many ministries in the marketplace environment of WA; from the 24-7 Prayer event for CHOGM, to Kingdom Investors WA, Perth Prayer and The Bridge Centre.

A bloke who likes a challenge in 2013 he completed the Busselton IronMan event and is currently taking on another two Masters degrees; an MSc in Applied Statistics, and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies