Be a Voice, Grow Your Influence,

Change Your Nation


ASP is an acronym for All Shall Prosper. The objective of ASP is to transform the social, economic, educational, and political culture of our nation from one which is based on maximizing self-interest at the expense of others, into one of sharing, caring, and universal prosperity.

Through this change of culture, we can significantly reduce the social distress now so prevalent in todays society.

This will be achieved primarily through the collective voice, of hundreds of thousands of small, medium, and large business owners, although all non-business people are welcome.

The ASP Movement has merged with its parent organisation Kingdom Investors (KI) until 2021.  This is because KI is far more advanced along the journey to create a Just Nation than ASP Movement is, and KI has taken ASP Movement “under its wing” to mentor and prepare it for its launch into the secular arena during 2021.  Please join KI to engage in the same process as ASPM, but from a mature Christian perspective.